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Web Analytics

If you had a small business, a medium enterprise or a fortune 500 INC company, and you need a Digital Analytics expert who can understand your measurement objectives, who know how tools like Google Analytics can help, analyses your analytics data, and manage your making right business decisions and further measures performance. Count on Star Web Maker have a team of Google Analytics certified professionals having experience in helping many organizations globally with every aspect of digital analytics right from set up & reporting to market research & analysis with actionable insights.

How Can we Make Responsive Web Design For Your Business

A lot of people, especially small businesses, are wary of investing in a separate mobile website. Having a mobile responsive design is the best choice in such scenario as it adjusts automatically on any smart device and mobile phone and you don't need to get a separate website designed for mobile use.At Refresh Ideas, our web design experts leave no stone unturned in designing a user-friendly, comprehensive and visually appealing responsive website for you.

What we do:- Define measurement goals

Deciding to develop a health information program with community partners is a creative opportunity. You may be starting a new type of program or finally getting to something for which you've seen a need for a long time. Either way, you have a fresh slate and the chance to think about the program's goals and its hoped for impact. Goals are the starting point for planning a program. Remember that a program's success will rest, in part, on whether you have buy-in from key stakeholders of the group you want to reach. Planning for goals they find important will make your project relevant, help to ensure sustainability, and encourage participation and partnerships.

Create implementation plan

Our team designing perfect digital analytics implementation for every business small or big. If you are using Google Analytic, our team define a code snippets &specific product features in our implementation plan to help you take true business decision &improve productivity.